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Close to all the best

The residence is located on 200 Domingo Repetto Street(Arenales is the crossroad), in the city of Martinez, San Isidro County. It is 200 meters from 1500 Santa Fe Avenue and 700 meters from 14200 Del Libertador Avenue. This city is located between Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires City) and Delta del Tigre.

It has all the means of transportation: two railroad services, taxis, local and long distance buses. The latter can take you anywhere in the country, including the coast.

A few minutes from here you can sail the Rio de la Plata y reach the neighbor country of Uruguay.

We are 5 minutes away from the Riviera of the Rio de la Plata, promenades and water sports (kite and wind surf). Excursions.

Unicenter Shopping Mall has more than 300 stores with the best national and international brands. It possesses the biggest quantity of Tax Free stores in Argentina, San Isidro Horse racetrack and Gastronomic Center with excellency.

Private and public health centers.

Golf and varied sports such as polo, tennis, soccer, equitation, rugby. There are also plenty of bike lanes.